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Publishing Services

The publishing road is a long and complex journey from the spark of an idea to the last page of an inspiring and beautiful book. It is a wonderful creative process and one we have been involved with for many years.


PIA is about helping you, the client, organize and realize your publishing goals. We believe in investing in your understanding of the process we go through to achieve your publishing goals. At PIA we are glad to offer the following services at any stage of your book or magazine publishing journey.


  • Ghost writing services
  • Editorial (book review, structural and copy editing, proof reading)
  • Design/Production (book cover design, typesetting and layout, promotional add-ons)
  • Print
  • E-book production and conversion


Publishing and Print Management Consultation

PIA offers publishing consultation and publishing project management services to individual authors and institutions, which includes identifying authors and guiding them through the publishing process. Every phase of the publishing process from concept development to print and/or other product delivery and will relate closely to schedule and budgetary considerations.

PIA is committed to delivering to its clients the best project management service. To our mind, this means tight process and logistical planning and careful management of the available resources, resulting in a simplified outsourcing interface for our clients.


Publishing consultancy, mentoring and coaching for books

PIA is committed to help authors and publishers produce better books. If you are considering taking the self-publishing route – talk with us. With a diverse and talented range of freelance editors, packagers and designers to work with you to develop your proposal, manuscript or finished book, we can help navigate you through the maze of self-publishing to ensure you get what you want.


Our publishing consultancy covers all services to authors from writing classes and assessments through to editing and marketing support for your work. We take authors at all stages of their development allowing writers to choose which service they require at a particular time.


Other services include;

  • Concept Development & Review – We will work with you to develop a book concept or if you simply want feedback on the viability of your project – we can do that too in a low-cost and effective manner.
  • Contract Reviewing – We help authors review publishing contracts, offering suggestions for improving terms, adding important clauses, and help to ensure the final agreement is in their best interest.
  • Author Platform Development – We work with authors in building their platform – This may include developing a comprehensive strategy to include branding, website and e-newsletter development, speaking engagements, media, social networking, and other platform-building techniques.


Training- Workshops and Seminars

We offer periodic workshops and seminars on writing and publishing (both on-line and in specific locations) throughout the year.

Contact us to find out when the next training session will be.

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