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  • E-Commerce: Engine for Growth in Publishing

    Publishers who ignore technological advances do so at their own peril. One of the significant advances in the third millennium is the development of the Internet, which has revolutionized the manner and speed of conducting business. Through computer network technology enhanced by telecommunications, electronic commerce (EC), also known as e-business, has emerged.

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  • Publishing Trends and Their Effect on Publishers in the Developing World

    The fact that the world is becoming a global village is perhaps best seen in the area of publishing, secular and Christian alike.
    Watching the developments in the Christian publishing industry locally and overseas, I have noted five trends that are having a significant impact on old and new publishers in developing countries

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  • Publishing abroad isn’t the answer

    I read Silas Nyanchwani’s article “8 Lessons writers need to learn” on Sunday, December 30, 2012 with keen interest. As a publisher and author, I found some of his advice very articulate and worth the ink but some of it may have been given out of a limited understanding of publishing in the global environment and viewing publishing as a social enterprise as opposed to an economic one.

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  • 5 of the Best Alternatives to Amazon for Selling Your Books

    Here are 5 indie platforms where you can sell your book so you can support not only yourself but other indie authors and indie bookstores, too. Chances are, as a self-published author, you’re well-aware of the benefits of supporting small businesses.

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  • Why I accuse the publisher for book flaws

    I read Isaac Mwangi’s book review in the last edition of Lifestyle titled Glory Be to Corruption in God’s Name! with a keen interest. As much as I agreed with the observations he made, I felt like he directed the heat on the author, and yet the publisher, too, should be upbraided for the theological and other mistakes found in Kiuna’s book.

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  • How to Choose a Distributor

    Achieving an effective distribution system with the widest coverage is the dream goal of any publisher. However, many publishers in developing countries do not achieve effective distribution chains even within their own countries.

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Many thanks to my publisher for all their professional work and guidance, from editorial, production, and publication of my four (4) books. The books could not have been in better hands. The professional help and expertise given by the team at Publishing Institute of Africa throughout the whole process has always been invaluable and second to none.  Many Thanks.

Patrick M. Nyaga